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пятница, 28 декабря 2012 г.

(CIRKUMFLEKS)Magazine - To Cool In The Peppermint Wind

(CIRKUMFLEKS)Magazine - To Cool In The Peppermint Wind


Rams - Solaris

Out Of Orion - Water Magic

Nhumo - Simple Life.1

Silens - ma 10eme vie

Ed Safin - Lava


Silens, - Cellule

Re-Drum - Relax,

F.T.G. - Carnival,


Marcin Brzow - The Delicate Tree,

Ed [og] Lys - Sunday


Ed [og] Lys - Mamma Africa

Migliu - E inutile

SoLaRiS - Last Embrace

GiBill - Be With You

Luca Sampieri - String Tango


Tryad - I See

Djoss - Long Night

Pea Sized - Stop Think

Ed [og] Lys - Vision

Design: Leslie Cifelli

Arctic Arts & Uksus Records (Norway / France)

© 2012

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